Gold-foil Stamping Workshop Reservation Form

If you would like to participate in a foil stamping workshop, please select your desired course.
We will send you a reply soon. Please wait as we confirm the schedule.

* We prepare necessary materials in advance, so please make a reservation by 1 PM on the previous day.
* When we receive reservation mail, we will send you a reply mail of whether gomei's gold leaf experience is possible, so be sure to check it.

Desired Course(necessary)
▼ Please check the contents of your desired course.
Standard Course: Participants will choose one out of two types of square dishes, and decorate it by stamping it with gold foil.
High Grade Course: Participants will choose one out of three types of lacquer ware, decorate it by stamping it with gold foil, and have it lacquered with gold foil.
Simple Course: Participants will bring in their own dish, etc., and decorate it by stamping it with gold foil.
(A flat surface of at least 6~7cm is required to attached the protective sticker. If it is too small, there will be insufficient space for the gold foil and protective sticker.)

Because the standard course and the high grade course have a long experience time,It is conducted twice a day in the morning and afternoon.
Simple course has a short experience time, so in the morning at 9, 10, 11,In the afternoon you can experience at 13, 14 and 15 o'clock.

※ Payment of the experience by cash please.

There are a lot of participation in the event on year-end and New Year holidays and Sundays and holidays.
Because I can not experience at the workshop, thank you.

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